Working in a male-dominated industry like logistics and construction has exposed me to this really weird phenomenon where women as a minority make a choice of sabotaging each other. Yes, we made the choice not to empower one another and let me tell you why we should stop it right now.

Why did the women empowerment fall on its knees?

Gender Pay Gap

One of the companies that I worked for have published the gender pay gap report and it has announced two important findings. Firstly, women are employed mostly in lower grade positions like administration and support, where more senior and managerial roles are filled with male workers. Secondly, women are paid significantly less than a male equivalent fulfilling similar duties. My female friends who also worked in the industry at that time called it a “boys club”.

What amazes me about the situation is the fact that there aren’t many women working in the industry, yet we choose to compete with each other instead of supporting one another. This applies not only to the mentioned industries but is also visible in everyday life.

It doesn’t make any sense! We are not happy with the current situation of a privileged white man dominating the workplace, but we do nothing to change it. It looks like we think that we can’t make it to the top, so we compete with each other for those lower grade opportunities. As soon as one of us makes progress in something or proves to be better or more competent, we pull them down, because “if I can’t make it, you will not make it either”.

These bloody feelings!

Judgments, assumptions, jealousy and biases run in our minds, but we are powerful enough to discontinue them! As women, we can achieve so much more together! Let’s just imagine for a second how much easier women would have if they would stop experiencing sabotage from women on top of difficulties and inequalities received from men. Amazing, right?

So the next time you hear your female colleague proposing a great idea don’t discourage her simply because the idea wasn’t yours. Instead consider what this idea may teach you, how it can help you in building supportive women tribe and how stopping all these negative emotions can make it a better person.

Let me know how you empower other women and do not forget to check out our other blog posts, especially this one about 8 habits of successful women.

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