I have recently moved house and because I like to stretch my money as far as possible, I have refused to transport any items that were not necessary. That’s how I have started my mission of decluttering! The main rule was “if I haven’t used it for last year, I do not need it” and I very quickly realised how much stuff two people can accumulate in one bedroom cottage.

What has decluttering taught me?

It deliberates.

I think decluttering is on top of my list of deliberating activities. It makes us think (do you really need it), requires making a decision (keep it or ditch it) and solving a problem (too many items and not enough space).  When you carefully go through all your belongings, you suddenly create a conscious and intentional environment.

It improves relationships.

Clutter equals stress. Did you ever find yourself feeling irritated or even arguing with your partner about running late, because you can’t find what you’re looking for? Exactly, we’ve all done it and decluttering is your solution to this problem.

It reduces anxiety.

The lack of physical possessions and items around you, gives you more space to think and feel. It puts you in control, because you chose every single item that surrounds you. And when things get out of balance, especially in our home that means to be our refuge, we often get anxious (even, if we are not conscious about it). Bringing back order, eliminates that anxiety. 

It saves money.

This one comes in two stages. Firstly, when you declutter your home, you find many items that you can sell online. Secondly, when you finally get rid of all your unnecessary belongings, you will buy less. You will appreciate the order in your house and try to avoid returning to chaos. Inevitably, you will start saving some money too. It is a win-win, right? 

It gives freedom.

Once you understand that people and experiences are more important than material possessions, you will feel more freedom. De-attachment from belongings creates a feeling of lightness, which I absolutely love. 

Let me know your thoughts about these tips and do not forget to check out our other blog posts, especially this one about reducing plastic waste in everyday life.

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