The philosophy of minimalism seems to be misunderstood. It is not about getting rid of most of all your possessions, but about making sure that whatever you decide to bring into your life has got a meaning, a purpose and most importantly – makes you happy. I find minimalism youtube videos to be easier to understand and relate too. If someone else can achieve that lifestyle, surely we can have it too. You may be surprised, but there are many minimalist youtube channels worth watching (with the famous The Minimalists at the forefront). Check out these youtube channels on minimalism to get some inspiration on this lifestyle:


Lavendaire creates beautiful and eye-pleasing videos. Her main area of focus is tidying and organizing. She explains the basics of journaling, meditation and gives great in-depth advice on healthy living. This content creator is truly an inspirational personality, who is trying to help others make the most of their life.

Love Raw Vegan

House Of Aesthetics

A minimalistic approach to clothing on steroids – this is how I would describe this channel. If you are struggling with how to create your new minimalist closet, then this minimalistic youtube channel is for you. You can get tons of ideas from House Of Aesthetics.

Jenny Mustard

I cannot get enough of this woman, mainly because she is so unapologetic with her videos. Jenny is a fellow vegan and her amazing “Becoming Minimalist” series goes through shopping habits, tidying and cleaning with the main focus of improving one’s productivity. 

Use Less

“A style is not about having a lot of clothes. It’s about having the right clothes” – this sentence perfectly sums up what this minimalism youtube channel is all about. It proves that buying less, choosing more carefully and having fun with a systematic and more minimal approach to their wardrobe isn’t boring at all. 

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