If you’re here, then you believe that mediocracy isn’t for you. You want to provide and you expect the best quality in every aspect of your life. But how to stand out at work, where competition is fierce?

As we spend at work on average 1/3 of our time, being an outstanding employee makes sense for you and your employer. Your company will benefit from the engaged workforce, which adds value to every task. You, on the other hand, may gain the privilege to work on special projects, more interesting tasks, or other exciting assignments. 

Here’s where to start: 

Deliver your best – Every. Single. Time. 

You need to stay consistent with providing the highest standards you’re capable of. Your boss and your peers can’t see you on a performance rollercoaster, as it doesn’t give them confidence in you.

Stop being busy – be productive instead.

This one is equally important for people who work in someone else’s company and who are their own boss. Most employees waste resources by looking busy, rather than completing what they were asked to do in the shortest period of time. How many times you got caught in a lengthy e-mail conversation, that could be avoided with one phone call? Perhaps, you’ve attended some meetings that were way too long and didn’t have a specific agenda?

Being busy and being productive are two different things and you need to recognise it to stand out at work.

Take responsibility for your actions.

To stand out at work, you need to prove that you’re serious about it. Things sometimes go wrong, but hiding it from the daylight doesn’t help anyone. When your project gets out of control, consult your manager, who may be able to help you before it’s too late.

Make sure you don’t blame other people (even if it truly is their fault), as it doesn’t serve you.

Offer your help to peers.

When you listen and observe, you can spot when someone in your team needs help before they even ask for it. Be aware of their struggles and see it as an extra opportunity to share your expertise.

In this way, you can help others, demonstrate your skills and also promote your personal brand to a wider audience.

Volunteer to additional tasks.

How about putting yourself forward, when the opportunity arises to become an office champion, or to provide a lunchtime talk? There is no better way to stand out at work, than to provide something extra that wasn’t written in your job description or contract. It is the easiest way to get noticed by the management team.

Give credit to your colleges. 

After the successful completion of a project, no matter how small or big, make sure to thank your colleges for their effort and acknowledge their achievements. By pointing out your team member’s accomplishments you make yourself look good too and you showcase your leadership skills.

It makes other people happy and reflects well on you, so it’s a win-win!

Don’t take your job for granted. 

You should always assume that some hard-working youngster is looking to take on your job. By thinking this way you will avoid hitting the plateau. It will keep you on your toes and motivate to continuously improve and develop new skills.

Step outside your company and search for interesting opportunities to gain visibility within your industry, which will challenge you even further.

Find a hobby.

You work smart (not hard), but even you sometimes can get overwhelmed or stressed. That’s where your hobby falls into, as it will help you relax, gather your thoughts and allow you to step away from any tedious job. You’re not productive, when you’re tired.

A hobby is also a great conversation piece, where you can show your passion for subjects non-work related. 

Have you got any tips that you could share with our tribe?

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