The idea of simple living is appealing to many people – owning less, means less cleaning, less to organise, less stress. It also means more money, energy and time. To get to that stage, decluttering your home seems like a mountain impossible to climb. Or you may be ready to declutter and let things go, but you’re so overwhelmed and you don’t even know where to begin.

Declutter vs overwhelm

You may feel overwhelmed or even anxious by the idea of getting rid of things that you have brought into your life. Don’t fear it. If you make a decision of starting this journey, I promise you, it will make you happier than ever. As you will start letting things go, you will notice that you were attached to them because of your emotional baggage, or unfulfilled need that you have decided to meet by buying more stuff. The evidence of decluttering isn’t just physical, it’s an emotional upgrade when you distance yourself from tangible belongings. The list of benefits is long!

Where do I even start?

Rome wasn’t built in a day – bear this in mind, when approaching this task. You can start by allocating 15 minutes each day to tackling cluttered areas. It isn’t a lot of time that you will sacrifice from your day, but it will get you moving towards your ultimate goal.

What methods can I try?

Here are some tried approaches to try during this process:

Donate one item per day – it isn’t a drastic method, yet Colleen at 365 Less Things reports that this idea has transformed her life.

Use four boxes – organise four boxes and name them: rubbish, donation, keep, return. When you decide to declutter one area at a time, it is easier to put things in boxes. You should take each item through the process, which will leave you with a selection of intentional belongings that you either consider essential or not needed.

Bin bag – you can fill one bin bag at a time with things that you don’t need anymore. To help you decide what should stay or what should go, ask yourself “Would I buy it again today?” or “Did I use it during the last 12 months?” If the answer to both of these questions is no, place this item in a bag and move on to the next one.

Less is More

It really doesn’t matter which method (if any) you will choose to get started, they all aim at getting you excited about this process. And when you start letting it go, you will realise that there is a fascinating world behind all your stuff. And you can access this freedom by removing the excess.

Let me know your thoughts by sharing your experience with decluttering and do not forget to check out my other blog posts.

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