Being successful has got a different meaning for everyone. For some it may mean having a healthy family, someone else may consider is having a well-paid job in a corporate world and for some, it means the ability to be your own boss. Whatever it is that success means to you, there are certain habits of successful women that help them fulfill their plans and achieve their goals.

Let’s dive into 8 habits of successful women!

They prioritise themselves.

Nothing wrong with trying to reach your goal, but remember that you can’t pour from an empty jug. When chasing their dreams, successful women bear in mind the importance of their mental health. Let’s admit it – you are not able to achieve a lot if you are not in a good state of mind. You need a good self-care routine, which will allow you to switch off and take care of yourself or just spend some time with your best friend. While it is important to have your final goal in mind, it’s essential to remember that you are your own priority and you must take care of yourself first. How many times you took care of other people first before meeting your own needs? Nothing wrong with a little bit of selfishness!

They invest in education.

You know where you want to be in the next five years or even next month – great! Now it is time to create your step-by-step plan, which will verify what tools you need to reach your goal. It may be a financial knowledge, marketing or the skill of networking – continuous improvement is so crucial. It keeps you moving forward and makes you a better person. The best investment you can make is in yourself and with so many options of online training, there are courses for anyone’s budget and needs.

They challenge themselves.

We know that being comfortable doesn’t get you anywhere. To grow, we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, because only in this way we will be able to reach the full potential. You grow, when you step out of your comfort zone. For many of us, this may mean facing the fear of public speaking or creating a blog to let out this little voice inside the head (I can hear you!). Whatever it is that you not comfortable with currently, you need to challenge your fears, face them and then realise that they were only the product of your imagination.

They expect respect.

Respecting yourself is one of the best abilities you can grow into as a woman. It doesn’t only mean situations like an abusive relationship (although there is no excuse to put up with it). Expect fair treatment at work from your co-workers and not allowing anyone to take advantage of you (either family members). How many times you wanted to say NO, but you agreed to whatever you were asked to do to please other people and simply be polite? Saying NO is okay because it shows that you respect yourself, your time and your choice.

They become financially independent.

It scares me when women admit that they rely financially on their other half. I appreciate it’s comfortable to live in that kind of babble but by living this way you can make yourself very vulnerable to the reality of everyday life. Relationships are not always working out as we want and sometimes we decide to go the opposite directions. If you were always relying on your partner to deal with the finances (either salary, bills, or both) of your household, you might find yourself in a very intimidating situation, or even worse – you may direct your decisions by the fact that you cannot support yourself financially.

And let’s admit it! Being financially independent, earning your own salary and being able to decide how and where you are going to spend it is a great feeling!

They celebrate wins.

Women are especially forgetful of celebrating their own achievements no matter how small or big they are. Yes – count me in, as I am guilty of that too! Sometimes we give more credit to other people than we do to ourselves, very often diminishing our achievements and making ourselves look smaller or like it’s not a big deal. Wrong! Whenever you achieve something that you are proud of, make sure to shout about it from the rooftops (#faceyourfears) and take time to celebrate with your friends. It will give you more fuel for future challenges and make you realise how far you’ve become.

They smile.

Nothing makes you more beautiful than your smile, but the best thing about it is that you can brighten up someone else’s day. Even when you deal with negative emotions, you can very easily fix it with a simple smile. It doesn’t cost you anything, yet it adds so much value. And it sometimes helps you achieve what you wanted!

They support other women.

Building a tribe of women is so important on a successful journey towards your goals. Together we can achieve so much more than trying to face everything ourselves. Journey to success is usually tough, almost never easy and an overnight success does not happen very often. It usually cost sweat and tears and that’s where a supportive network of women becomes so crucial. We can grow together, support each other during hard times, celebrate together the achievements and bounce ideas off each other. Two heads full of wonderful ideas are better than one! 

Let me know your thoughts about these 8 habits of successful women and do not forget to check out our other blog posts.

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