I have started my eyelash extensions journey about seven years ago and I have never regretted it. It’s one of those things that bring me joy. I feel no obligation to justify it to some, who see it as an unnecessary expense. I think there is something amazing about waking up with my eye make-up almost ready (my make-up is pretty minimalistic), while the rest of my face and body look like I’ve been just spat out by a tornado.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent solution that completely transforms the look of an eye by delivering length and volume. All that without the need for traditional mascara!

There are different options, from more natural 1:1 to va-va-voom Russian volume. There is something for every woman and that’s what makes eyelash extensions such amazing treatment. No two sets are ever the same!

Where to get them?

This point is sooo close to my heart, you wouldn’t believe it. When I had moved across the country (due to my partner’s new job being associated with relocation), I started my search for a new artist, who could take care of my eyelashes. I know some of you may be like “get over yourself”, but I’ve had that very special person, who has introduced me to this life-changing treatment doing them for me for years and I got used to the quality of my eyelash extensions.

Sadly, after 6 months of searching, trying different “artists” I have experienced nothing, but multiple disappointments. I’ve made the decision to go back to my old friend and who thankfully took me back with her arms fully open. I now travel for my lash appointment 3 hours each way – I know, but I always try to meet with my girlfriends straight after, so it’s a win-win.

The point that I’m trying to make is that your eyelash artist needs to be recommended or tested (and loved) by yourself. I love my girl, Jo (check her out), because she always does such a great job in terms of quality and quantity of my lashes, she won multiple awards, she constantly educates herself to be better at what she does (none of that “I have completed one course a few years ago and I think I am brilliant”), she works in a professional set-up, but most importantly she always makes me feel welcome and doesn’t mind if I fall asleep for a minute or ten.

Why would you want to try eyelash extensions?

I would say – why not? As a woman, you most likely love looking gorgeous. However, sometimes that morning eye make-up takes ages and it doesn’t always work the way we wanted. I don’t know how about yourself, but it doesn’t make me happy at all. With your perfectly looking fans already in place, whacking on some foundation (and the rest) takes only a few minutes.

Also, being taken care of on a regular basis is something that every woman needs to allow herself for and there is no negotiation. Eyelash extension can do both – take care of your physical appearance and your inner space. 

Let me know your thoughts on eyelash extensions. Do not forget to check out this blog post about my top girly films.

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Weronika x

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