So, you have been in a relationship for quite some time. You are happy, you are committed and you are truly in love with your partner. And suddenly, you realise that a friendly relationship with another man is turning into something deeper and more serious than you previously thought and you’re possibly in love with two people.

Can you be in love with two people at the same time?

Why would you fall in love with a second person, if you are truly in love with your current partner? Does it mean that you love your current partner less than before?

You may feel like you are cheating, but are you really?

Although love is a great and specific state of mind, it’s also a feeling like any other, therefore it can be shared with more than one person. You shouldn’t feel guilty or blame yourself for having strong feelings towards someone else than just your partner.

Every relationship goes through stages. After a few months of butterflies and being unable to live without each other, a relationship takes more natural, everyday flow. You got used to your partner and probably take his presence for granted – it’s comfortable.

Important is what you are going to do about those feelings. Being in love with two people and being in a relationship with two people are completely different. You need to be honest with yourself and both of these people. No, I don’t mean telling both of them about each other and your feelings towards them but being in a long-term relationship while secretly dating someone else is a recipe for a disaster.

So, what can you do about it?

Is this really love?

You know yourself better than anyone else, so you should know if the feeling inside you is a true love or just a temporary crush. If you’re unsure about that feeling, release it and if it disappears, then it was never truly yours.

Are you bored?

Your current relationship may be going through difficult times, which makes you more venerable to external impulses that may feel more exciting at first glance. Also, a well-established relationship that lacks excitement may unintentionally expose you to receiving more love from someone else.

Will you regret it in a few months?

If you will make a decision of leaving your current partner, consider that the passionate feeling that currently excites you will wear out in a few months and then you will find yourself in a similar situation.

When making a decision, you may want to ask yourself a question “would I like it to be done to me?” and if the answer is “probably not”, then remember that you’re dealing with someone else’s feelings. It is your responsibility to choose. Either make a leap or stop those flirty conversations and secret meetings altogether. 

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